Desmond died on Thursday 2nd September at Homerton Hospital after a short illness. He will be greatly missed by his many friends and neighbours in Colvestone Crescent and Ridley Road Market. He was much loved for his good humour and generosity. Desmond was born on 25th September 1942 in Crooked River, Clarendon, Jamaica. His mother was Alice Miller and his father was David ‘Birdie’ Francis. He moved to England from Jamaica in 1962 and trained as a master metal worker. He worked in metal shops for many years, including KL Automotive Products Ltd, and then as a butcher in Ridley Road Market. Through much of this time he lived at 47 Colvestone Crescent as a tenant and friend of Christina ‘Bertha’ Williams. Please contact his neighbours Tom and Shelley on 07733 137 475 or if you wish to know when his funeral will be, and if you have photos and stories about Desmond, or information about his family. RIP Desmond

Published: Sep 16, 2021


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