Home remodelling has become quite the trend during the pandemic, with many choosing to tackle the job on their own. However, designing and furnishing your own home is a tough feat and there are many things to consider before you begin.

Juliette Thomas, owner of award-winning, Chelsea-based Juliettes Interiors, tells us about their beginners’ interior design course and shares the UK design trends of 2021 to revive and spice up your home.

Designing your own home

“If you’re unsure of where to start and don’t know anything about interior design, we’re here to help,” Juliette says.

Juliettes Interiors offers an interior design course aimed at beginners looking to remodel their home themselves, or for those who want to save on hiring a professional interior designer and are starting from scratch. Topics covered include producing accurate scaled drawings, spatial layouts, avoiding common pitfalls, mood boards, sourcing items, costing schedule, project management, space planning, logistics and installation.

“As well as being an interior designer herself, our lecturer is highly experienced in teaching,” she explains. “We provide our students with the tools to design a home they’re proud of, transforming ideas into a finished project they can take credit for.”

Islington Gazette: Juliettes Interiors produce scaled designs to create visions of each room for their clients.Juliettes Interiors produce scaled designs to create visions of each room for their clients. (Image: Juliettes Interiors)

This year’s interior design trends

“This year’s interior trends focus on contemporary design with a touch of classical,” says Juliette.

“Dark and black wood finishes are very on-trend this year,” she goes on to say, “and brushed brass can really give your interior a contemporary look.”

Dark furnishings contrast beautifully against neutral contemporary fabrics like beiges and champagne velvets. “Furnishing your home with textured fabrics is a perfect way to add dimension to the minimal modern décor that has gained popularity over the last year,” she adds.

Islington Gazette: Vases and candles are an easy, stylish way to accessorise your home.Vases and candles are an easy, stylish way to accessorise your home. (Image: Juliettes Interiors)

Statement lighting

Lighting is vital if you’re looking to modernise the look of your home,” Juliette says. “You need unique pieces and statement lampshades that are going to add depth and character to your space.”

Lighting can transform the entire look of a room. Exterior lighting, in particular, has become an increasingly popular way to decorate balconies and gardens. “Throughout the pandemic, people have chosen to spend more time in their outside spaces, and so outdoor lighting has become an important theme of interior design,” Juliette explains.

She recommends warm lighting when considering the colour of your bulbs, and mentions outdoor chandeliers and battery table lamps as an idea to add some sparkle to your outdoor area.

Islington Gazette: Brushed brass is a current theme of interior design, and can effortlessly transform the room into one of luxury.Brushed brass is a current theme of interior design, and can effortlessly transform the room into one of luxury. (Image: Juliettes Interiors)

Accessories are a staple

Home décor truly comes together in the detailing and finishing touches. Whether it be a statement vase, mirrors, artwork, ornaments, designer coffee table books or even some fresh candles to give your rooms a welcoming ambience, accessories can be used to tie your interior design together and express your sense of style.

A large concern for those furnishing their own home is taking risks with colour themes that they may regret further down the line. “I’d recommend adding accents of colour through minimal furnishings instead of big furniture pieces, in case you change your mind and, or when trends change in the future,” Juliette says.

“We’re beginning to see a revival of the 70s in accessories like old-fashioned, ornate glass ornaments and artwork to add splashes of colour throughout different spaces,” she adds.

Juliettes Interiors also offer large, abstract canvas paintings to furnish your living space. “We know artwork can be incredibly expensive, yet a stunning addition to any home, so we provide affordable but high-quality originals that won’t break the bank,” says Juliette.

Islington Gazette: Accessory mood board created by Juliettes Interiors to design a bedroom.Accessory mood board created by Juliettes Interiors to design a bedroom. (Image: Juliettes Interiors)

Neutral colour schemes

Grey is the colour to choose if you’re going for a neutral, yet contemporary vibe in your home. “It complements most interior design schemes and makes an ideal background when using bolder accent colours as contrasts” Juliette says.

Consider textured wallpaper

Patterns are out, in Juliette’s opinion, and textured fabrics are in. Wallpaper can be used to make a style statement and add effortless character to any room of the home.

“Pick colour variations that will complement your décor scheme,” Juliette says. “Contemporary wallpaper textured to add depth and definition to the space.”

You can also try covering just one wall as a feature, as not to overwhelm or disturb the colour palette for the rest of the space.

For more information visit juliettesinteriors.co.uk and juliettesinteriors.co.uk/interior-design-course/ for the design course, or call 0207 870 7415 to speak to our team.