Reported sightings of Cate Blanchett as film crews spotted in Archway

Cate Blanchett reportedly on set in Archway, north London

A crane has been spotted filming near Becky’s Convenience Store in Archway, with Cate Blanchett among those reportedly on the movie set - Credit: Eleanor Davis/PA

Film crews have been spotted in Archway - with cinematic superstar Cate Blanchett reportedly among those seen on set.

Though there is signage aplenty in the Archway Road area, a code name is being used to keep the exact project under wraps.

That hasn't stopped eager onlookers speculating, however.

A source has told the Gazette that the crews are from Apple TV, and that they've caught glimpses of Cate herself.

Filming crews - potentially from Apple TV - working in the Archway area

The rumour is that Cate Blanchett and Kevin Kline are in the Archway area filming a new series for Apple TV - Credit: Eleanor Davis

No official confirmation as of yet; however, what we do know is that the much-loved actor has signed on to be part of an Apple TV production.

'Disclaimer' - a psychological thriller from the award-winning Alfonso Cuarón - was given the greenlight in December last year, with Ms Blanchett and Kevin Kline its confirmed stars.

Others watching on have reported seeing Mr Kline on the set.

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As part of the filming, a crane has been spotted filming near Becky's Convenience Store on the corner of Cressida Road and Dresden Road.

More as we get it.

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