Four year wait for new home for Archway asbestos house mum

Patricia Moriarty

Patricia Moriarty - Credit: Archant

A mother says she is still waiting to be rehoused ­almost four years after discovering her home is riddled with asbestos.

Patricia Moriarty, 47, is worried she and her son may have been exposed to the potentially toxic dust from the substance in the artex ceilings of her Hargrave Park Estate home when workmen drilled through it in 2009.

Miss Moriarty had been considering legal action against ­Islington Council because she claims it didn’t tell her about the asbestos and the builders didn’t take any protective measure – such as sealing off rooms or wearing protective suits – while they were working.

Now she just wants to be moved out of the property, off Junction Road, Archway, ­because she fears for her 25-year-old son’s safety.

He is in remission from cancer 12 years ago and she is concerned that the alleged exposure may increase the chances of the disease reoccurring.

She said of the council: “It’s like dealing with a slippery eel who never gives you an answer.

“All I want is to be moved somewhere without this risk and move, and a letter of apology recognising what they have done.

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“My son is in remission and this could set it off again.

“But I haven’t got anywhere. I pay my rent, but it’s like they are washing their hands of the problem.

“This is our future and we are just sitting here waiting.”

The Whittington nursery nurse said she was never told about the potential problems when she moved in.

“If we had known,” she said. “At least we would have had the options. My son was having chemotherapy at the time so we wouldn’t have taken it.”

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), asbestos exposure is responsible for around 4,500 deaths a year because when the fibres are inhaled they can cause serious lung diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer as well as non-fatal conditions such as asbestosis.

The council initially refused to comment due to potential legal action – but since then Miss Moriarty has dropped the threat.

However no one was from Islington Town Hall was able to comment on the updated situation by the time the Gazette went to press.