A new fast-paced, sustainable grocery delivery service has launched in Islington and Shoreditch

Gorillas delivery service

Gorillas riders will pick up groceries from various local partners, including Ottelenghi, Rinkoff Bakery and London Fields Brewery - Credit: Gorillas

If you’re looking for a new way to get your groceries direct to your door, look no further than the new Gorillas App, which sources groceries from reputable local sellers and delivers them faster than you probably could yourself.
George Edgar, UK brand marketing manager at Gorillas, said: “We have amazing local brand partners and work with household names you will all know at the same price as the large supermarkets and we are operating in Angel and Shoreditch now.”
Here we speak to Gorillas to get the lowdown on the service:

What is Gorillas?
Gorillas offers you a fast-paced, sustainable grocery delivery service direct to your door within 10 minutes at supermarket prices! With hyper-local fulfilment centres strategically placed to serve the communities of London. We have a focus on supplying the communities with local producers who are relevant to that part of London, whether it’s your local bakers sourdough or your favourite breweries beer, we’ve got you covered!

Gorillas rider

Gorillas riders will pick up groceries from various local partners, including Ottelenghi, Rinkoff Bakery and London Fields Brewery - Credit: Gorillas

What businesses do Gorillas get groceries from?
We have many local partners, including Ottolenghi, Rinkoff Bakery, London Fields Brewery, Eat17, Hackney Gelato, 58 Gin, H G Walter Butchers, Hackney Coffee Company and many more! 

How quickly can I get groceries delivered to my door?
The average delivery time is 10 minutes from the order being accepted, but we strive for less!

What other items apart from food, does Gorillas deliver?
All of the essential needs you’d find in a supermarket; drinks, toiletries, alocohol, basic pharmaceuticals and every day household items.

How do Gorillas deliver?
Our rider team use e-bikes to ensure our delivery business is carbon neutral. 

Is it environmentally friendly?
Yes, we have several schemes in place to ensure we are as sustainable as possible. A partnership with Too Good To Go & Waste Warriors of London ensures we are doing everything we can to help fight both climate change and food waste. Using electric bikes Gorillas riders will get to your door faster and without polluting the roads also when you shop little and often you don’t need to use so much plastic packaging and chemicals. We’ve recently started working with the Felix project and will be committing to supporting local food banks across London.

How much does it cost?
Our delivery fee is only £1.80.

Where do Gorillas deliver to?
Gorillas have already launched in Islington and Shoreditch and plan to launch in Battersea, Kennington, Brixton and Finsbury Park late March/April.

Driver does impressive stunts to mark the launch of the service

Gorillas marked its launch in east London by filming one of its riders performing tricks on the way to his first delivery job - Credit: Matt Higgs

How did the company mark the launch of Gorillas in east London?
We sent one of its riders onto the streets to perform some impressive stunts. 
We filmed the rider on his first London  delivery journey, which started with him base jumping in the morning sunshine, before getting on his bike to speedily make his way to his first job, throwing in some BMX tricks along his way. We wanted to show our riders really are one-of-a-kind!” 
We're also creating a mural in Bethnal Green as a thank you to the community for welcoming the new app. 

Download the app now: Gorillas – Grocery Delivery.  
Go to gorillas.io/en for more information.
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