This week 60 years ago: Islington man arrested for having 800 stolen postage stamps stuffed in his jeans pocket

The Gazette 60 years ago

The Gazette 60 years ago - Credit: Archant

Police raided a flat in Upper Holloway and arrested a man who had 800 postage stamps stuffed into the pocket of his jeans, this week 60 years ago.

The 21-year-old labourer was remanded in custody for a week charged with receiving 513 threepenny stamps and 354 twopenny stamps that belonged to London County Council, knowing that they were stolen.

Det Sgt Herbert Heath todl Clerkenwell Court that when he asked the man where he had got the stamps, he replied: "I don't know anything about them. Somebody must have planted them there."

In other news a trunk water main burst in Cayton Street, Finsbury, leaving a hole 20ft wide and eight ft deep in the road, and flooding locker rooms in Moorfields Eye Hospital and stockrooms of a department store next door.

And also making the front page headlines, a woman was fined £5 for stealing two chickens, vegetables, eggs, meat and cheese from a shop in Oxford Street.