Revolutionary gadget that lets you smell your iPhone developed by Islington professor

The gadget emits smells from the phone

The gadget emits smells from the phone - Credit: Archant

A revolutionary device that lets people smell things on their iPhone has been developed by an Islington scientist.

Professor Adrian Cheok, professor of pervasive computing at City University, in Northampton Square, Finsbury, was part of the team that launched Scentee in Madrid on January 28.

The ground breaking app and gadget combo attaches to the phone and lets users mobile phone app and device virtually prepare a recipe - initially from Spanish restaurant Mugaritz - and then emit the aroma from the finished dish from the phone.

In future eaterys could use the device to entice diners in - letting them have an advance whiff of their food - and supermarkets could let shoppers sample the aroma of their ready meals.

Researchers hope to obtain accurate taste and smell using digital methods to improve the lives of those with sensory disabilities.

Professor Cheok said: “The digital food app opens up new vistas for people around the world who may not have had the opportunity to physically dine in the restaurant to virtually experience the real smell of gourmet food prepared by one of the world’s top restaurants and chefs. The revolutionary new device brings the sense of smell to mobile phone communications.”