This week 30 years ago: Arsenal fans dice with death at Highbury

Islington Gazette: August 29, 1986

Islington Gazette: August 29, 1986 - Credit: Archant

Daredevil Gooners seeking a bird’s eye view of Arsenal games were warned they were dicing with death.

Four crafty fans found a precarious perch – on the roof of flats behind Highbury Stadium – to watch Arsenal beat Manchester United 1-0.

They were said to live on the estate, and had inside knowlede of a weak door that could be forced.

Arsenal managing director Ken Friar, who is still at the club today, said: “We deplore that sort of behaviour, but can’t monitor everything that happens outside the ground.”

Meanwhile, a United fan was beaten up by a gang of 40 Arsenal fans before the game. Steven Carter, 25, of Plaistow, was knocked unconscious in Highbury Hill. He was treated at Whittington Hospital.

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