This week 30 years ago: Cruel ‘your son may have AIDS’ letters circulate in Islington

Islington Gazette: February 13, 1987

Islington Gazette: February 13, 1987 - Credit: Archant

A mother received an official looking letter saying her son was gay and potentially had AIDS.

But the letter was a cruel hoax.

Headed “North London AIDS Advisory Council”, the letter claimed to be in partnership with Islington Council.

It was feared more were in circulation, and a town hall spokesman said: “It’s entirely bogus. Anyone receiving a copy should take it to the police.”

Meanwhile, claims in the Sun that four Islington councillors ran up rent arrears of more than £4,000 were “lashed” by leader Margaret Hodge after a town hall official leaked the information.

She described it as an “appalling bit of gutter journalism” at a council meeting.

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