This week 30 years ago: Girl dragged and attacked by two men in Holloway – and witnesses do nothing

Islington Gazette: May 15, 1987

Islington Gazette: May 15, 1987 - Credit: Archant

A furious mum blasted passers-by who stood and watched as her daughter was attacked.

People were enjoying sunshine in parkland near the girl’s home in Berriman Road, Holloway, when two men leapt and attacked the 17-year-old.

They dragged her screaming to the back of Sobell Leisure Centre, in Hornsey Road, where they threatened her and struck her in the face. Eventually she managed to run for help at Holloway Police Station.

Her mum, Nadia Griffiths, returned to the park the following day to find witnesses. One man said he saw the assault – “but did not want to get involved”.

And angry Nadia said: “My daughter is now frightened to go out. One day these people will shout for help and no one will come.”

Meanwhile, Islinton South and Finsbury MP Chris Smith was confident he would win the vote of Liberal members in the forthcoming general election.

He declared: “They say my record in the Commons is one they would want to vote for.”