This week 30 years ago: Pensioners locked out of Islington Council offices in freezing weather

Islington Gazette: January 16, 1987

Islington Gazette: January 16, 1987 - Credit: Archant

Tenants trying to pay their rent were “hopping mad” after being locked out of Islington Council offices.

The freezing weather forced neighbourhood offices to lock up in order to bring the temperature up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit – the minimum legal workplace temperature.

Staff answered phone calls – but refused to open the doors for chilly tenants who had struggled through the snow.

Widow Lylie Robins, 73, of Macclesfield House, Central Street, said: “I think it’s bloody awful. They complain about the low temperatures – but they should come into some of our flats.”

Julianne Bennett, of Whitecross Street, added: “I’m so angry about this. We’ve all had to come out in this weather. It can’t be too cold to pay our rent.”

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