This week 60 years ago: Creation of Rosemary Gardens

Islington Gazette: March 28, 1958

Islington Gazette: March 28, 1958 - Credit: Archant

The apparent creation of Rosemary Gardens was under way.

The Gazette carried a mysterious report about plans to make an open space out of seven acres of undeveloped land in the “south-east” of the borough.

No specific location details were given. But as a park that opened two years later, in 1960, it would seem we were referring to Rosemary Gardens.

London County Council wanted to create a park because, with the exception of Shoreditch, Islington had the least open space of all London boroughs – something that rings true to this day.

A London County Council parks committee report said: “The vacant site, which has from time to time been used for purposes offensive to residents in the vicinity, is within the area of the ultimate open space.

“If acquired now, it would allow an entrance from a major street on the west to be provided when the first stage of the open space is laid out.”