This week 60 years ago: Hero postman chases bus down Islington High Street to catch attempted robber

Islington Gazette: January 4, 1957

Islington Gazette: January 4, 1957 - Credit: Archant

A hero postman was praised in court for chasing an attempted robber – even after he got on a bus.

William White, of Parkfield Street, Islington, went after a man after he heard screaming in a tobacconist in Islington High Street.

Old Street Magistrates’ Court heard Edith Burgess was alone in the shop when a man walked in, one hand in pocket, and told her: “This is a stick-up, lady.”

After she screamed, Mr White chased him around Camden Passage and Duncan Street before he jumped onto a trolleybus. It stopped near Angel station and he jumped off, allowing Mr White to catch him. The man was then arrested by a passing police officer.

Magistrate Harold Sturge said: “I congratulate you on your courage when you could have only formed a serious view of his intentions. I’m sure the public is very grateful.”

A man, 23, pleaded not guilty to attempted robbery.