This week 60 years ago: Islington Council battles ‘savage’ Tory housing bill

Islington Gazette: December 28, 1956

Islington Gazette: December 28, 1956 - Credit: Archant

Does this sound familiar? Just as in 2016, Islington Council ended 1956 fighting a Conservative government’s housing policies.

At a town hall meeting, the council raised an emergency motion against the government’s “rent bill”.

Members claimed it would result in a “large number” of tenants being evicted due to the bill’s planned rent increases.

Cllr A Wynn, who predicted “misery and poverty”, blasted: “This is Toryism in its nakedness!”

And Cllr A Simpson said: “It would transfer many millions from the pockets of family breadwinners into the pockets of landlords.

“This is a crazy bill to introduce at this particular time! It is a piece of legislation savage in its emphasis.”

In this edition, we reported “intolerable” housing problems in Islington, where “fabulous profits” were nonetheless made by landlords.

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Again – does this sound familiar?