This week 60 years ago: Islington shopkeeper fights knife thug, telling him ‘don’t be a bloody fool’

Islington Gazette: April 11, 1958

Islington Gazette: April 11, 1958 - Credit: Archant

A hero tobacconist fought off a thug who threatened to knife her and rob her shop.

Lucy James was counting her takings at the Prebend Street shop when a boy came in and announced: “I want your money.”

She responded: “Don’t be a bloody fool.”

He then came round the counter, holding a knife to her face. Ms James pushed him away and he said: “You’re going to get hurt, missus.”

Two of his cronies came in to help, but Ms James managed to hit the burglar alarm and they fled.

She was able to pick out a 17-year-old boy at an identity parade and he was hauled before Old Street Magistrates’ Court. He pleaded not guilty to robbery and offensive weapons charges... and was granted bail.

In other news, a boy was critically injured after being stabbed in a brawl in Peerless Street, near Old Street. Three men from Finsbury were held on grievous bodily harm charges.