This week 60 years ago: Punters busted for gambling at Archway Tavern

Islington Gazette: August 2, 1957

Islington Gazette: August 2, 1957 - Credit: Archant

Four men were busted for gambling on the steps of the Archway Tavern.

A police officer spied about 20 punters tossing coins in front of the Archway Road pub, and four of them were arrested in relation to the illegal “gaming school”.

At a Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court hearing, two of the men had their charges dismissed, while the other two escaped with 20 shilling fines. But magistrate Seymour Collins warned: “I am going to say here and now that if this gaming school, which seems to be every Sunday outside the Archway Tavern, doesn’t stop, penalties will be doubled or trebled.”

Meanwhile, a Finsbury Park bus passenger went too far, too often.

After being caught on numerous occasions travelling beyond the distance he had paid for, Walter Woolford, of Ambler Road, was hauled before Highbury Corner Magistrates’ and fined 30 shillings.

He got off at Finsbury Park, but said: “I’m sorry. I was meant to get off at Nag’s Head.”