This week 60 years ago: Young couple given consent to wed by Old Street magistrate

Islington Gazette: August 10, 1956

Islington Gazette: August 10, 1956 - Credit: Archant

A young couple was granted legal consent to marry after the bride’s parents had protested.

The marriage of Barbara, 18, and John North, 20, was approved by Old Street Court magistrate Leslie Marks.

George Warren and Rose Warren, of Ockenden Road, Canonbury, had opposed the marriage, saying their daughter was too young. They believed she had little knowledge of Mr North, but Barbara said she had known him for three years.

The magistrate said that as a general rule, “parents know best”, but this was an exception: “I think, taking all things into account, the right thing to do is give my consent.

“I think your mother is a very kind woman and very fond of you. If you can become friendly with your father he will come round a bit. I hope you will both be happy.”