10 �1million plus homes used for social housing in Islington

Islington has come under fire following the news that 10 �1million plus homes are used for social housing in the borough.

All of the properties are located within the N1 postcode, and are thought to be Victorian or Georgian street properties, but some groups are angry that those on housing benefit are able to live in homes that are beyond the reach of most low to middle wage earners.

Emma Boon from the Taxpayes Alliance said: “Islington taxpayers will be shocked to discover that the council is using such costly properties for social housing. Many ordinary taxpayers in the area could never dream of owning a million-pound home, so it’s completely unfair to ask them to pay for someone else to live in one.

“There is little incentive for people to take care of their own housing needs and rent or buy their own place if they are able live in a mansion in Islington and have taxpayers pick up the bill.”

The council have defended the use of the homes, citing the fact that property was much cheaper in the borough when they were purchased.

A spokesman said: “Islington has some of the most varied housing stock in the country from period homes to 1960s tower blocks.

“Many street properties were bought by the council when property was comparatively cheap compared to today, and some were slums which the council has improved and renovated.

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“There has been huge house price inflation in Islington – so naturally some of our larger properties have increased significantly in value.

“Finding new homes for over 1,000 overcrowded families is still our priority – whether that is within our current housing stock or through our new build schemes.”

He added that private sector tenants and key workers on the waiting list may benefit from the council’s new shared ownership scheme.