Angel station experiences a closure due to Covid-related sickness on one day in every five.

The Northern Line station has been closed 18 times in the last 90 days, due to a lack of available staff, according to Transport for London (TfL).

Sam Stern, who uses Angel station, has been impacted by the closures on numerous occasions.

He said: "I live right across from Angel station so this station is the core of my life in London and the closures have made it really hard for me to get around reliably.

"The last two times I came home from a weekend away I was on the tube at Old Street when the driver announced that the train would not be stopping at Angel station. I had to jump off suddenly and get a bus or a cab with my bags for the final mile."

Islington Liberal Democrat Terry Stacy said the closures are too frequent.

He said: "It has become ridiculous. Residents and local businesses depend on the tube to get to and from work. Unexpected closures are stressful and inconvenient forcing people to find an alternative route at short notice. It’s beyond a joke now.”

A TfL spokesperson said: “We apologise to Northern Line customers for the disruption to their journeys, which was caused by Covid-related sickness.

“The closures on the Northern Line have been minimised as far as possible and were done to prioritise nearby Old Street station, which is part of the same staffing pool and offers greater connectivity for customers.

“We strive to always exhaust all avenues before making the decision to close a station, and the local team is working to minimise any future closures.”

They added stations could not be opened without necessary staff due to safety regulations.

TfL advised customers to check its website before travelling.