A renowned King’s Cross nightclub is relaunching as a destination for socialising, eating and drinking – "with a cheeky dance floor".

From 1993 until 2007, The Cross built a reputation as legendary clubbing destination under the arches in Goods Yard.

It hosted residencies including Glitterati and Vertigo, and star DJs such as Danny Rampling and Judge Jules.

Original co-founder Billy Reilly and his wife Gemma are relaunching The Cross just around the corner in Wharfdale Road, in what used to be The Driver.

“We've gone from six arches to six floors,” said Gemma.

“The club in basement has got the real essence of what The Cross was – the feeling of the industrial brick walls and that real industrial vibe, which we wanted to keep.”

Returning ravers will find the look of the basement familiar, with the original fittings including the cigarette machine, seating, toilet sinks and doors, and even the tiling pattern on the dance floor (“the snake is back”).

But there will also be bespoke Italian soft furnishings, along with booths.

With a capacity of 70, the dance floor is just part of the plans. Overall the venue will hold 380.

On the ground floor, guests will arrive through the original Cross Front door and be met by a maître d'.

While the basement will have the feel of the club, the floors above will house comfortable but plush bars, lounge areas, a rooftop terrace and a restaurant.

The couple have worked with B3 Designers to give each floor a distinctive, high-class look – think velvet curtains, Italian tiles, brass, hanging glass, green marble, walnut veneer.

"It's not a nightclub," said Gemma. "The Cross is now grown up, so it's a restaurant/bar/dining experience – with a cheeky dance floor."

That dance floor will be busy. Many clubbers have fond memories of The Cross in the 1990s and early 2000s.

"It was a place where you'd go and lose yourself," said Gemma. "You wouldn't care about what you look like, who was looking at you, you would just go and immerse yourself into the dance floor and really have fun – which I think has very much changed with all the London clubs closing over the last 15 years, and the way people socialise and go out now."

One way in which The Cross will try to reclaim that spirit is to discourage people from being on their mobile all night.

"Cross stickers will be put on your phone on entry so people can't sit there while they're eating, taking photos of their food and taking photos of each other," said Gemma. "We're going to try to bring it back to how it was."

On the venue's menu will be specials, such as the lobster BLT, but the restaurant will focus on small-plate, sharing dishes ("light, nice, beautiful food").

The music will be electronic house, but tailored to the feel of the different floors.

The couple live in Camden, and Billy was born in Caledonian Road – in fact, when his grandparents came over from Ireland, they lived just a few metres up the road.

"To be honest, when Gemma first mentioned it, I was a little bit 'oh God' – like looking back, trying to dig things up from the past," said Billy.

"But looking at the brand, looking at how much people love it and looking out how things have changed – and they've all become a lot older, even though we're trying to introduce a younger set as well – it's almost that cliché of 'The Cross matured'. It's the restaurant, the bar, the dance floor, the lounge, it's the roof terrace."

With the venue opening to the public on September 9, they are excited to welcome customers, old and new.

"It's been two years in the making," said Gemma. "A lot of blood, sweat and smiles – we say – but obviously tears along the way as well.

"So we are just really excited to get the brand back, get the venue back open and see people having fun in here again."

The Cross is at 2-4 Wharfdale Road. Visit www.thecrosslondon.com