The Highgate Society is calling on residents to photograph their local post boxes as part of a new initiative.

The aim of the scheme is to improve people’s understanding of the history of post boxes and to raise awareness of any maintenance work that is needed.

Society member Catharine Wells, who is behind the project, said: "It’s a fun thing to do in the year of the Jubilee," she said. "[The Queen] has reigned from 1952 and she still has her head on the stamps and her insignia on many post boxes."

Islington Gazette: Southwood Lane, HighgateSouthwood Lane, Highgate (Image: Highgate Society)

Catharine is a member of the society’s infrastructure and community projects group which has previously run a similar scheme researching older telephone boxes.

Now Highgate residents and businesses are being invited to take note of, research, and send in photographs of their local post boxes.

"They have a fascinating history, with links to all our royals, the people who invented the boxes and those who made them," she said.

"We all take them for granted but there is a lot for people to take an interest in."

Islington Gazette: North Hill, HighgateNorth Hill, Highgate (Image: Highgate Society)

Another aim is to ensure Highgate’s post boxes receive essential repair work and Catharine said the society has been in touch Royal Mail to make sure its cyclical program of maintenance goes ahead.

The photos will eventually form a display, with information on the age and back story of each box, which Catharine hopes will make an appearance at the Fair in the Square in the summer.

"The Highgate Society is planning to put the display up at the fair," she said. ‘And at some point we’re hoping to have a talk at the society when an expert can come and tell us more."

Islington Gazette: Broadlands Road, HighgateBroadlands Road, Highgate (Image: Highgate Society)

For now, Catharine is looking forward to receiving photos of post boxes from people of all ages around the area.

"We do not want to be prescriptive so this is open to people in wider Highgate, down to Archway, across boroughs and not just N6," she said.

"Nearly everyone has a post box near them and everyone can take part. Over to you."

Send your photographs to

Islington Gazette: Archway Road in HighgateArchway Road in Highgate (Image: Highgate Society)