Plans to build six new homes on Highgate Hill, which would have removed a local pub’s rear terrace, have been rejected by Islington Council.

The proposals were submitted by developer Artform, which owns the land behind Brendan the Navigator and planned to turn the space, currently used as a car park, into six new homes.

Co-owner of Brendon the Navigator, John Rynne, previously said that the plans would have been “catastrophic” if approved.

However, David Richmond, chair of the Highgate Society planning committee, had welcomed the development for the “eyesore” car park.

The final decision was reached on January 19, with reasons for refusal including the development would result in “a poor standard of residential accommodation future occupiers”.

The planning decision notice also states that the application failed to demonstrate the development “would not have a detrimental impact upon the vitality, function and operation of the public house and the service this provides to the local community”.

John said that retaining the use of the terrace was “essential”, adding: “It’s great to know we’ll hopefully have that for a while longer”.