A sewing enthusiast repaired her trousers' ripped knee and holes in the neckline of her son's T-shirt - all while sitting outside H&M at the Angel Centre at a pop-up to promote the circular economy.

Tessa Solomons, 51, of Highbury, joined hundreds of others doing the same thing in France, Germany, Sweden, Australia and the US for the Street Stitching event, promoting the message #stitchitdontditchit.

The idea was to demonstrate the pleasure of repair in a place where consumers are thinking about replacing or adding to their wardrobe at fast fashion chains.

Ms Solomons, who hosts visible mending online tutorials through her business, Tessa The Dresser, uses hand stitching techniques to embellish and celebrate moth holes, stains, and rips, and bring a new life for loved garments.

She said: "I hope todays action will spark many more events and more people will be inspired to experience the joy and satisfaction of repair.

"It is a really positive way of bring mending back into the public's consciousness."