London Met students have planted hundreds of trees to help "rewild" London and promote sustainability.

Students from the School of Art, Architecture and Design in Holloway Road wore masks and socially distanced to plant 420 hawthorn, rowan, blackthorn, silver birch, hazel and common oak saplings. which will eventually grow into 100m of hedgerow at Mudchute City Farm on the Isle of Dogs.

The school supports environmental initiatives, and promotes architecture as one solution to the ecological crisis we face, encouraging students to use tools to measure the environmental impact of their designs.

BA fine art student Jilly Topping said: “I realised during our session that working together as a small group of students a lot can be done.

"It was just a few hours out of our day and it had helped the farm with a much-needed hedge area.

"The tree we planted will be there for many years to come and in our small way, we have helped the environment."