Independent salon Margaux offers gallic flair plus hair care with few chemicals

Islington Gazette: Margaux Salon Blackstock RoadMargaux Salon Blackstock Road (Image: Luca Piffaretti)

A touch of French flair and elegance has arrived on Blackstock Road with the opening of independent hair salon Margaux.

Named after its Gallic founders Margaux and Vincent, the salon - decorated in stylish green and cream hues - has brought its organic magic to this corner of Islington.

Stroud Green resident Margaux explains that from shampoos to hair products and colours, the emphasis is upon natural ingredients and fewer harsh chemicals that are healthier for both stylist and client.

And she says health conscious locals have been drawn to the gentler products in the Natulique range, made by a Danish firm with a strong sustainable and ethical leaning.

Islington Gazette: Margaux Salon Blackstock RoadMargaux Salon Blackstock Road (Image: Luca Piffaretti)

There are even vegan hair products on offer.

Visiting on a hot afternoon, I was struck by the friendliness of the welcome; many of Margaux’s clients from her former salon in Chelsea travel north to keep in touch.

And you couldn’t be in better hands if you want the latest colouring technique of balayage. From the French ‘to sweep’ it’s a freehand style of colouring the hair that requires specialists like Margaux and her team. But in skilled hands it creates a subtler effect with less severe regrowth so it lasts longer.

Looking for a colour to warm up my ash blonde tones, we tried out a gold tint - it might take a little longer to get the required effect on your hair - but it came out looking naturally lighter and there was no chemical smell going up your nose as it was applied.

Since the heatwave seems to be stripping moisture from every follicle, you may want to factor in a nourishing treatment afterwards to keep your hair silky.

Of course Margaux’s team can also do your nails or the wackier colours and dip dyes that many Londoners are after these days.

There’s also a natural ‘hair botox’ using Ybera Paris in a treatment to relax and revitalise the hair. Ingredients such as natural acids, healing agents and powerful antioxidants all help to hydrate and strengthen sun-frazzled or city-stressed hair.

The salon is seeking both a purity of product and service, in a relaxed environment. From my visit, they’ve achieved that in every way.

Margaux Salon is at 140 Blackstock Rd, London N4. 020 3952 8597.