23 Islington Council staff on more than �100K

Islington council has more than 20 staff with an annual salary of �100,000 a year or more, new figures reveal.

In the financial year 2010 to 2011, there 23 Town Hall employees earning at least �100,000, one of only 22 in the country and in the top ten highest for London boroughs.

The figures, which were released by the Taxpayers Alliance, show the chief executive, corporate directors and 16 other members of staff – receive that size of pay cheque, which is at least six times the London living wage.

Since the survey was conducted, the Town Hall say it has cut the number of employees earning more than �100,000 down to 17.

A spokesman for the council said: “We’ve made a fair pay pledge through the Islington Fairness Commission – introducing the London Living Wage for all our employees, slashing �50k off our CEO’s salary and closing the gap between top and bottom earners from 14:1 to 10:1.”