A shop front was damaged after a motorist ploughed a car into a building in a crash.

Police were called to Highbury Park to reports of a crash at around 7.45pm on Saturday (February 18).

A car had reportedly driven into a parade of shops in Highbury Barn, but no injuries were reported.

According to Metropolitan Police the driver had left before officers arrived.

Islington Gazette: The door at La Fromagerie was damaged - and locksmiths have been working on temporary repairsThe door at La Fromagerie was damaged - and locksmiths have been working on temporary repairs (Image: Caroline Russell)

Images show that the front of cheese shop La Fromagerie was damaged in the crash.

Highbury councillor Caroline Russell and Green Party London Assembly Member has said that locksmiths have been “working all day” on Sunday and are still not finished with temporary repairs.

Addressing the incident, she said: “We were very lucky last night that no one was walking along that stretch of pavement when the crash happened.

“The car was being driven at some speed to have done the damage it did and it is unthinkable what would have happened if there had been a person in the way.”

Islington Gazette: A car had driven into shops in Highbury Park A car had driven into shops in Highbury Park (Image: Caroline Russell)

According to the councillor, this was not the first time there was a crash in Highbury Barn, as she noted an incident during the Covid-19 lockdown where someone crashed into a parked car and destroyed some of the temporary pandemic pedestrian barriers.

“A car drove into the launderette the other side of the road a few years back and the bin by the bus stop has been hit before too,” the councillor added.

Islington Gazette: Emergency services pictured in Highbury ParkEmergency services pictured in Highbury Park (Image: Caroline Russell)

When asked on if measures are needed to prevent future incidents in the area, she responded: “Preventing selfish behaviour at the wheel is a huge task that needs police, national government and local councils to take action on.

“I do want to speak with council officers about whether there is a way to design the road slightly differently, possibly with a new loading bay for traders on the side of the road where the crash happened and something to signal to people driving to expect people to be walking along and crossing the road at Highbury Barn  - which is a sociable community shopping place and acts as Highbury’s village centre.”

Anyone with information on the crash is asked to call 101 or tweet @MetCC quoting reference CAD6389/18Feb.