A fourth Islington low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) will be made permanent, the council has announced.

The scheme in Canonbury West was first introduced in November 2020 as an 18-month trial, which was extended in March 2022 with an exemption for blue badge holders.

The permanent LTN in the area will retain this exemption, as well as including a new ‘individual exemption’ for people with other health conditions.

LTNs use traffic filters to restrict access to vehicles on some side streets within their zone.

The council said the decision to make the Canonbury West scheme permanent was taken following evidence that it had reduced traffic and speeding in the area, as well as increasing rates of cycling.

The news comes following the announcement that 70% of Islington will be covered by low-traffic areas.

Subject to consultation, low-traffic schemes are expected to be introduced in Midmay East, Caledonian Road, Barnsbury and Laycock, Annette Road and Highbury New Park.

The council said that the proposals were necessary to help increase green space, boost biodiversity and create “more welcoming streets” in the borough.

But Islington’s low-traffic schemes have proved controversial with some residents.

In November, police were called to a council consultation on a proposed Liveable Neighbourhood for Barnsbury after residents were prevented from entering the meeting due to overcrowding concerns.

Low-traffic zones have already been made permanent in St Peter’s, Canonbury East and Clerkenwell Green.

Islington Gazette: Map of Canonbury West LTNMap of Canonbury West LTN (Image: Islington Council)

Cllr Rowena Champion, Islington Council’s executive member for environment, air quality, and transport, said: “When we started introducing low-traffic neighbourhoods back in 2020, we were determined to help make Islington’s neighbourhoods more welcoming places, where it’s easier to walk, cycle, wheel, and use buggies and wheelchairs.  

“Having monitored the positive impact of the schemes and listened carefully to public feedback, we’re delighted to now be making our fourth neighbourhood permanent.

“The Canonbury West neighbourhood has delivered clear, sustained positive results for local people, and we’re looking forward to seeing these benefits continue.   

“We’re working to make Islington’s streets cleaner, greener, and healthier for all, and we're looking forward to introducing more green spaces and improving pavements in Canonbury West.” 

A decision as to whether to make the Amwell and Highbury neighbourhoods permanent are expected in the near future, as well as a formal consultation on the St Mary’s Church scheme.