Police are investigating reports of two people attacking a dog and their owner in a park shown in a video shared online.

Footage appearing to show violence flaring in Foxham Gardens, Islington, on Saturday (March 4) was circulated on social media.

The Metropolitan Police says that officers were on patrol in the park at 3.30pm when they were approached by two people reporting an incident.

According to the force, the two said their dog had been bitten by another dog.

A spokesperson for the Met said: “They also told officers that the owners of the other dog had been verbally abusive towards them.”

In a video shared to more that 21,000 people on the Islington Community Facebook group, a woman can be seen appearing to slap a person holding a phone recording the argument.

The person recording can be heard saying “she just hit me in the face” and “she kicked the dog”.

Enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances of the attack.