An Islington coffee shop has seen hour long queues after a video of its coffee doughnuts – ‘conuts’ – went viral on social media.

A video posted by London food blogger @dinewithfari to YourCoffeeHub's Instagram page on February 25 of its Nutella ‘conut’ has amassed 11.9 million views and more than 200,000 likes.

The coffee shop has three hubs in Islington – Wharf Road, Essex Road, and Marlborough Road – and sells its ‘conuts’ for £4.95.

A YourCoffeeHub worker told Islington Gazette today (March 23): “Yesterday was crazy.

“There must have been between 50 and 60 people queueing [at any one time]. The queues were 45 minutes to an hour long.”

They added that the ‘conuts’ have been available since the second week of February, but that demand increased after the Instagram video went viral.

They said: “All of sudden it just blew up and went viral. People have been travelling 90 miles to come and get them.

“We’ve had to ask people to book an appointment to make sure that there’s still availability.”

Mark Cunningham, an Islington resident, said that he thought the ‘conuts’ were “amazing”.

But he added: “There are a lot of people who are unsure. I think the people that do go definitely like it, but it’s a bit like Marmite.”

One Instagram user in the comment section of the viral video said: “We [Italians] didn’t bring coffee to the rest of Europe for people to do this nonsense.”

Another commented: “I’m surprised America didn’t come up with this first.”

But others disagreed, with one commenting: “There is too much hate in this comments section…it’s a donut with coffee in it. It’s brilliant.”

One user said: “Literally this is my kinda [sic] coffee and cake.”

The ‘conuts’ cost £4.95 and are currently sold in two flavours – Nutella and Biscoff.

YourCoffeeHub recently announced that a vegan ‘conut’ would be available to buy from March 30 in Biscoff or Pistachio flavour.