“Sit down and shut up” as an internet sensation offering rude service prepares to open its doors.

Karen’s Diner will be launching its second London branch at the former Bill’s restaurant in White Lion Street, Islington, tomorrow (April 14).

The chain has made a name for itself from TikTok recordings of waiters deliberately mocking customers and being rude as part of an interactive experience.

The idea is inspired from the internet term ‘Karen’, used to describe an older woman who is stereotypically rude and who often complains to management about their service.

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It has become a social media trend to take family members to a Karen’s without letting them know what they are in for, and share their reactions on TikTok.

Along with the snarky service, visitors can enjoy a selection of burgers, hot dogs, wings and cocktails.

Islington Gazette: Inside the Karen's in Newport, WalesInside the Karen's in Newport, Wales (Image: Newsquest)

Last month on March 10, London’s first Karen’s Diner opened at the Hadley Hotel in Hadley Wood, New Barnet.

Online, Karen’s warns: “Rude language is used across our venues. We are not Disneyland. We recommend minors to not attend past 6pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends.”