A popular toy shop that has achieved international fame after specialising in a range of collectible figures for more than 30 years will shut this weekend.

The Sylvanian Families store in Mountgrove Road, Finsbury Park, has confirmed that it will close its doors for the final time this Saturday (April 22).

In January, the Gazette announced that the shop, which first opened in May 1992 and has been called 'The Sylvanian Embassy', was set to close after the owners decided to retire.

Speaking about the closure then, shop manager Ben Miller-Poole said that although the decision to close had not been made lightly, “all good things come to an end”.

The store has been popular with children and adults alike over the years, and Instagram users reacted with sadness after the shop confirmed the official closure date.

One commented: “I’m so glad I was able to visit your wonder shop last week.

“Heartbreaking to see it close those beautiful green doors.”

Sylvanian Families is a range of human-like animal plastic figures created by the Japanese gaming company Epoch in 1985 and distributed worldwide.

One TikTok video of the store posted in January and titled 'Don't miss your chance to visit the London #sylvanianfamilies shop before it closes!' went viral, amassing almost 200,000 views.

@jeansthoughts Don’t miss your chance to visit the london #sylvanianfamilies shop before it closes! #toycollector #sylvanianfamily #london #hiddenlondon #nostalgia ♬ Au Revoir - Sweet After Tears

Ben said that the store had been “overwhelmed" by the messages of support from customers.

He added: “We’ve loved being here, and it’s humbling to know that it’s been appreciated by all those who have supported us and shopped with us.

“We’re considered a local landmark – we were once even dubbed ‘The Sylvanian Embassy’.

“We’re proud to have been an independent shop in a neighbourhood that always supports its local businesses.”

“Everyone is sad to see us go, but as they say, all good things come to an end, and it isn’t a decision we have made lightly of course.”