Traffic wardens in a north London borough have won a bumper pay rise of almost 40 per cent. 

Parking enforcement officers working for Islington Council contractor NSL have accepted an offer of 39.7% following the threat of industrial action by the GMB Union. 

The three-year deal means an increase of 25% from April 2023, with a further 6.9% increase in April 2024 and a minimum of 4.5% or the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation, whichever is higher, in 2025. 

By April 2025 GMB members will be earning 39.7% more than they were in March 2023. 

In real terms, this means that any traffic warden earning £11.55 an hour in March will be earning around £16.20 an hour by April 2025 - a jump from an average £24,000 a year to £33,000.

Mick Lancaster, GMB London region organiser, said a year ago the work force had no union representation and were encouraged to become members in order to make collective bargaining possible.

In January, GMB approached their employer NSL and began pay talks.

They were on the point of balloting for strike action when the deal came through.

Mick said: “It is a massive achievement by GMB members - only made possible by their collective strength and determination to unionise their workplace for better pay and conditions.  

"NSL signed a recognition agreement with GMB in January, this deal is testament to what a good relationship between an employer and trade union can deliver.”

NSL describes itself as the UK’s leading provider of parking enforcement.

Giuseppe Iantosca, its client account manager for Islington, said: “This pay agreement represents positive investment in our staff, from both NSL and the London Borough of Islington. 

"With open and transparent communication from GMB, we were able to achieve a positive outcome for all parties, with minimal service disruption."