A park user has raised concerns about a new play area in Finsbury Park, claiming that it has become “like a rat’s nest”.

Alexander Sanchez Nazarian visited Richard Hope Play Space on Saturday (October 14) and was shocked to see “at least 30 or 40 rats” running around.

Haringey Council finished installing the new play space earlier this year, using funds it has accrued from hosting major events in the park.

But pictures shared with this paper appear to show at least four rats by a bench in the playground.

Islington Gazette: At least four rats were pictured by a bench in the playgroundAt least four rats were pictured by a bench in the playground (Image: Alexander Sanchez Nazarian)

Alexander said: “I’ve never seen that many rats in my life to be honest.

“There were at least 30 and 40 rats all in that space, climbing on the equipment and the kids were just playing like normal.”

He added that the rats looked “quite healthy”, claiming that they did not appear to be “sewer rats”.

Alexander said: “Still, they were big and you don’t expect to see that climbing on kids equipment.

“It’s a lovely park and [so is] the new equipment they’ve put there in that bowl –  it used to be a bit of a nothing area down there.

“But it has become like a rat’s nest. It’s crazy.”

According to Alexander, there was no visible rubbish that would have attracted rats to the area, but he thinks they benefitted from the bread park users feed to the ducks.

A Haringey Council spokesperson said: “We are proud of the Richard Hope Play Space, a state-of-the-art inclusive space which provides unique play opportunities for children in our borough.

“We have not observed rodent activity in recent visits to the site, and always maintain high standards of cleanliness.

“However, we take these reports seriously, and we will be actively monitoring the play space to ensure it remains clean and clear of litter.

“We also kindly request all park users to dispose of their litter in bins provided or take it with them. Keeping our green spaces free of litter is the best way to keep rats and other rodents away.”