A "treasured member" of a day centre celebrated her 100th birthday in style - taking tea with the Mayor of Camden.

A party was laid on for Eileen Ward at Great Croft day centre near Kings Cross, with mayor Cllr Nazma Rahman popping in to say hello.

“Eileen's a treasured member of the day centre,” the mayor said. “Her enthusiasm for activities and learning is a great example for all of us.”

Eileen attends three community lifelong learning classes each week, including arts and craft and yoga.

She always wants to know what the morning’s activity is as soon as she arrives and engages immediately, her arts and craft teacher points out.

She added that Eileen motivates others “as a role model for others” and has called the centre her “second home” for the past 40 years.

Her 100th birthday bash included champagne and a big cream cake made by the chef at the centre in Cromer Street, Bloomsbury, as well as a card from the King and Queen.