A Metropolitan Police officer who drank until he was “obliterated” then groped female colleagues has been given a written warning. 

PC Connor Harris, 23, went on a night out with colleagues at golf and drinking venue Putt Shack in November 2021. 

A misconduct hearing was told that PC Harris had been drinking from 4pm and by 7pm he considered himself “obliterated”. 

“PC Harris’ level of intoxication was such that he lost his faculties and capacity to behave as a responsible adult,” the misconduct panel were told. 

“His demeanour was such that Officer B said she felt like a parent trying to pull their toddler along the street.” 

During his drunkenness PC Harris was over friendly with female colleagues and kissed them on the cheek. 

The panel were told that he groped two female colleagues. 

PC Harris said that while he cannot remember acting in that manner, he has very little recollection of the night at all and has no reason to doubt their testimony. 

The panel said: “We’ve found that PC Harris’ actions in becoming intoxicated was self-induced and demonstrated an abject lack of judgment which resulted in wholly unacceptable and inappropriate conduct towards female colleagues. 

“However, we also found that his actions and conduct were not pre-meditated or planned. It was clear to the panel that he has reflected on his behaviour and has taken positive steps to address it. 

“The evidence before us was that his conduct was attributed entirely to being intoxicated and PC Harris agreed that this was so “100%”. 

“PC Harris was very contrite and apologised to the officers and to colleagues.” 

He was subsequently given a five-year written warning.