For more than 60 years, puppet maker Lyndie Wright has created incredible characters in her tiny workshop next door to the theatre she helped to found.

From fairy tale characters to Shakespeare's heroes, her work has graced the stages of The National Theatre, Opera North, and the RSC- and inspired both the War Horse puppet creators, and her son Joe's movie-making.

Now, the well used workshop next to the Little Angel Theatre, needs a new roof, and Lyndie is showcasing more than 150 original creations to help raise the funds. They encapsulate a lifetime dedicated to the art of puppetry, focusing on her own style of table-top, rod, and glove puppets.

Islington Gazette: Lyndie Wright, who co-founded Little Angel Theatre in 1961, is opening her puppet workshop to the public.Lyndie Wright, who co-founded Little Angel Theatre in 1961, is opening her puppet workshop to the public. (Image: Juliette Fevre)

The workshop is her artistic hub where imaginative creations such as Cindermouse, Hansel and Gretel, Antony and Cleopatra, the singing Mermaid, and Paddington come to life, and the fundraiser hopes to ensure its continued contribution to UK puppetry.

Each puppet on show tells a story of creativity and craftsmanship, with characters who have performed for the Little Angel, RSC, Kneehigh, Wise Children, and The National Theatre.

Lyndie co-founded Little Angel with husband John in 1961 in a derelict temperance hall off Upper Street, Islington. It was a family affair and growing up, daughter Sarah, and son Joe, whose films include Darkest Hour, Pride and Prejudice and Atonement, would take bookings and play in the workshop.

Islington Gazette: The exhibition runs from November 28 until December 10.The exhibition runs from November 28 until December 10. (Image: Jemima Yong)

Sarah who is a puppet director, said: "Growing up in Islington cocooned in this incredible world of puppetry with Lyndie was idyllic. As kids we spent all our time in the workshop, making play bread of sawdust when we were tiny, learning to carve wood and paint as we got older. We learnt real skills and inherited a lifelong passion for our work. Lyndie is still teaching, still passing on her skills to next generations of artists and inspiring audiences young and old with her creations."

War Horse creators Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler of Handspring Puppet Company said: “Since the 1970s, every time Adrian and I came to London, we would visit John & Lyndie Wright at The Little Angel. We were novice puppeteers and they greatly inspired us with their artistry, professionalism and their gracefulness. The books they wrote brought their vision to puppeteers in far flung places. We are thrilled that Lyndie’s work as a master puppet designer and maker still continues."

Islington Gazette: Lyndie Wright in the workshop making one of her puppetsLyndie Wright in the workshop making one of her puppets (Image: Archant)

The exhibition is co-presented with Curious School of Puppetry and producer Jemima Yong praised Lyndie's "unparallelled contribution to puppetry."

"This exhibition is a celebration of her ongoing practice and a call to support the future of puppetry by contributing to the restoration of her workshop!"

Islington Gazette: Some of the puppets that will be on show at the exhibitionSome of the puppets that will be on show at the exhibition (Image: Jemima Jong)

Puppetry by Lyndie Wright runs November 28- December 10, 12pm - 7pm (closed Mondays) at Lyndie’s Workshop, 12 Dagmar Passage, London N1.