Police have been on ‘walkabout’ tours meeting the public in a three-month operation to tackle street crime and house burglaries across Islington.

They are being told of concerns such as break-ins, vandalism to parked vehicles, thefts from cars and anti-social behaviour on the streets during the weekly 'safer space' walk-and-talk meetings being held.

Senior Metropolitan Police officers and officials from Islington Council are now holding Friday 'street surgeries' in districts from Clerkenwell to Holloway and Archway to help neighbourhood officers take action to reduce crime.

“It’s vital that we work with the public,” Supt Jack May Robinson said. “Our campaign has been successful in driving down crime thanks to the input from people. We can address their concerns head on.”

Officers have been tackling drugs on the streets in Stroud Green and have increased their ‘outreach’ work in the Tollington Park neighbourhood, which has led to a fall in in anti-social behaviour.

More street patrols are working around bars and restaurants along with campaigns helping with advice on how to keep safe.

Numbers of burglaries, robberies and thefts from vehicles have fallen, police report. Burglaries in the first three months of the programme started in September are down by 14%, compared to the same period the previous year, while street robberies haver reduced by 13%, violence by 5.5% and thefts from cars by almost 3%.

Islington Council cabinet member John Woolf said: “It’s vital that we work together to prevent crime. We have been listening to suggestions about how to make areas safer. This has led to changes that have helped reduce anti-social behaviour.”

Changes include increased patrols, more repairs on housing estates and also getting businesses to join the ‘walk and talk’ meetings, to help reduce crime and restore public trust in the Met’s new “communities first” policy.

Another Friday ‘Safer Streets’ event is being held on February 2 at Duncan Terrace, near The Angel, followed by one at Brickworks community centre in Crouch Hill on February 9.

The Met launches its next series of meet-the-public events with youth groups in Islington in March.