Work to build a new “skate plaza”, expected to open next month in Finsbury Park, has begun.

The project has been part-bankrolled through a fundraiser launched by charity Friends of Finsbury Park three years ago, which raised more than £45,000.

Haringey Council is also investing £145,000 towards the costs of the redevelopment, which is expected to be completed by the end of April.

The new skate park will feature moveable obstacles including kickers, manual pad, kerb and wallie rail.

It will also be suitable for other wheeled activities such as roller-skating, rollerblading and entry level cycling and skating.

The council has claimed that the project has only been made possible thanks to the income generated from the park hosting major events, such as the annual Wireless Festival.

The group behind the new plaza has announced that work begins today (March 4), after the contract to bring its “exciting vision to life” was awarded to skate construction firm Betongpark.

Haringey’s cabinet member for leisure, Cllr Emily Arkell, thanked park users for their input into the final design of the development. 

She added: “Hopefully, not only will the experienced skate park users come rushing back to the new plaza site, but these latest facilities in Finsbury Park will attract and encourage beginner and novice skaters to the sport too.”

The existing skate park will now be closed until the opening of the new plaza.