Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn has announced he is beginning legal action against Nigel Farage over a "highly defamatory statement" accusing him of subscribing to an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

The former Labour leader, who now sits as an Independent, is taking "the first steps" to challenge what he described as "disgusting and malicious lies".

In a post on X, Mr Corbyn said: "I have asked my lawyers to take the first steps in commencing legal proceedings against Nigel Farage, following a highly defamatory statement about me.

Islington Gazette: Mr Corbyn said he is taking the 'first steps' in legal actionMr Corbyn said he is taking the 'first steps' in legal action (Image: PA)

"We are a movement for peace — and we cannot stand by and let these disgusting and malicious lies go unchallenged."

Mr Farage made the statement during his GB News show on February 28.

Despite the Islington North MP's move for legal action, Mr Farage has stood by his accusation on social media.

Beyond his role as a GB News host, Nigel Farage is also the founder and honorary president of the political party Reform UK.

In 2018, Conservative MP Ben Bradley apologised for making a "wholly untrue false" statement about Jeremy Corbyn, alleging he passed British secrets to a communist spy.

The apology came after facing potential legal action from Mr Corbyn’s team.