The most delayed road in north London where drivers waste more than five minutes every mile they travel has been revealed.

According to last year’s Government data, the A103 which stretches from Holloway to Hornsey had the longest average delays of any A-road in north London.

Average delays on the A103, which starts as Hornsey Road, before merging into Crouch End Hill and Tottenham Lane, have almost tripled since 2022.

Last year, each vehicle was held up on average for five minutes and 36 seconds for every mile travelled.

This compares to average delays of just under two minutes for every mile the year before.

It is not clear exactly why there has been such a dramatic change in journey times on the road, but the junction with Holloway Road has undergone major road works since April last year.

New pedestrian crossings and lights have been installed, and pavement space at the junction increased.

Here is a full list of the most delayed roads in north London, as well as the average hold-up each vehicle experiences for every mile travelled.

  1. A103 (Holloway to Hornsey) – 5 minutes 36 seconds
  2. A401 (Central London to Angel) – 4 minutes 40 seconds
  3. A400 (Central London to Archway via Camden Town) – 4 minutes 24 seconds
  4. A5201 (Clerkenwell to Shoreditch) – 3 minutes 52 seconds
  5. A102 (Clapton to Blackheath) – 3 minutes 35 seconds
  6. A109 (Tottenham to Whetstone) – 3 minutes 29 seconds
  7. A5202 (King’s Cross to Camden Town) – 3 minutes 27 seconds
  8. A105 (Dalston to Enfield) – 3 minutes 18 seconds
  9. A1201 (Highbury to Muswell Hill) – 3 minutes 18 seconds
  10. A1 – 3 minutes 16 seconds