A police officer has arrested three burglars in the past six months - when he wasn't even on duty.

Acting Inspector Paul Beckley from Islington made his most recent arrest after he saw a man scaling the gate of a block of flats with a crowbar.

Now he has been praised on the Metropolitan Police's Facebook page for his "deep sense of duty" and "habit" of tackling burglars -even when on leave.

Chief inspector Adam Instone said AI Beckley was "a credit to the Met".

He said: "Without protective equipment and back-up, Paul intervened at great risk to himself to tackle suspected criminals in the finest traditions of the Met.

"We're very proud of Paul, and he is a credit to his team and the Met."

Mr Beckley received widespread praise on social media.

A tweet from Islington Police about his work got 28,500 views, while a Facebook post from the Met saw 1,000 reactions and more than 170 comments.

Former Scotland Yard detective chief superintendent Gerry Campbell, said on X: "Well done Paul.

"A great example to other officers as you lead from the front with your selfless dedication, tenacity and keen eye for a burglar!"

Mr Beckley was even applauded from down under, with South Australia Police praising his "great dedication" on Facebook.