A potential Banksy has burst forth behind the bare branches of a tree in Finsbury Park.

The street art, in which green paint has been splashed onto a whitewashed wall so it looks like foliage behind a pollarded tree, was first spotted in Hornsey Road yesterday (March 17).

The mass of green appears above a stencil of a person holding a pressure hose.

Many are now speculating that the piece, next to Christie Court, could be by elusive street artist Banksy.

One local wrote on X: “Banksy came overnight and now my rent will skyrocket.”

Another said: “Proud new caretakers of an apparent new Banksy piece in Finsbury Park.

“Woke up this morning to it on the side of flat. You can just about see us smiling proudly on our balcony.”

Islington Gazette has reached out to Pest Control, Banksy’s office, to confirm whether he is behind the latest artwork.

It is not the first time there has been speculation that the artist has graffitied a piece in north London this year.

A black stencilled silhouette of a woman smoking appeared next to a red phone box in Southgate Road, Hackney, last month, with some claiming they could detect Banksy’s signature style.

Pest Control denied that he was behind it, and it was later revealed to be the work of street artist DNZ.