The pitch of the title is in the middle of a South London estate, where three teens meet to play, banter, and dream of a professional football career.

For Bilal, Joey and Omz it's a hallowed space - amid a backdrop of gentrification that threatens to pull apart their community, they ritually tap in and out as they come and go.

On top of the coming-of-age stuff of friendships, ambitions, and girls, Omz is a young carer for his elderly grandfather, and Bilal is saddled with living out his father's failed football dreams.

Islington Gazette: Francis Lovehall as Omz in Red PitchFrancis Lovehall as Omz in Red Pitch (Image: Helen Murray)

And as their favourite chicken shop and hangs outs in the 'Ends' start closing down, it sparks a fear of being left behind.

They may not be flush, but these are passionate kids, doing well at school, and pushed by coach and parents to work to achieve their goals - including try-outs for QPR and for Joey, a back-up business course.

The show arrives at Soho Place after two sell-out runs at The Bush, and the in-the-round cockpit-like space is ideal for this intense tautly-paced 90 minute drama that fizzes with energy and draws you in as a privileged spectator to their world.

Director Daniel Bailey crafts some neat movement work - as the boys dance at a party or show off their fantasy footie moves in slow-mo.

Now laden with promising playwright awards, Tyrell Williams has an impeccable ear for the boys' smart humour and the rhythms of their fast-talking banter - fluently delivered by trio of actors who have clearly bonded over the three years of the production's life.

Islington Gazette: Kedar Williams-Stirling as Bilal in Red PitchKedar Williams-Stirling as Bilal in Red Pitch (Image: Helen Murray)

Tugging at their tops, spectacularly falling out, then touchingly patching it up with a shared Twix, you believe these are lifelong friends who ultimately have each other's back.

Sex Education star Kedar Williams-Stirling offers a lithe energy and wit as Bilal, Francis Lovehall is a goofy and vulnerable Omz, and Emeka Sesay brings a sensitive warmth to the down to earth Joey.

Even if you don't like football you will be rooting for these friends.

Red Pitch runs at Soho Place until May 4.