Police have put in place a 'stop and search' order enabling them to detain anyone they suspect of committing a crime.

The Metropolitan Police will now have additional powers across a large section of Islington, Angel and parts of Dalston from 1.30pm today (May 15) until 3am the next day (May 16).

With these powers, officers will be able to stop and search anyone within the area without needing to have reasonable grounds to do so.

This can only happen in a defined area when a senior officer believes there is a possibility of serious violence or weapons are involved, the Metropolitan Police have said.

The Met said there are reports indicating "increased community tensions".

A spokesperson added: "Police take precise and proactive approaches to ensuring the safety of Islington’s communities and consider appropriate and proportionate use of such powers.

"We are committed to detecting, preventing, and ultimately driving down crime and anti-social behaviour."

The order stretches to various areas including Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, Finsbury, Clerkenwell, Old Street, Canonbury and Dalston.

While the stop and search perimeter does not extend to the area, a woman was shot at Reizel Close, Stamford Hill, yesterday (May 14) – a short distance away from where police will be enforcing their powers.

Members of the public are encouraged to report anything suspicious via 101, and dial 999 in an emergency.