Watch the adorable moment a 93-year-old woman surprises her best friend of 88 years who she hasn't seen for six years. 

Lucy Shepherd, 26, took her nan, Rita, 93, to surprise her best friend, Jean Wood, 94, who she hadn't seen since 2018.

The best friends haven't been able to see each other due to the pandemic and their advanced age.

Rita kept telling Lucy she wanted to go see Jean and told her she would get a taxi to meet her.

Lucy told her grandma she would drive her there, so on June 18, 2024, Rita and Jean reunited for the first time and spent three hours catching up over a cuppa.

Watch the moment friends of 88 years saw each other for the first time in six years

Rita Shepherd, a grandmother of three, from Wanstead, east London, said: "I had a wonderful day with a wonderful friend.

"We have never had any arguments and always enjoyed each other's company.

"I am very lucky to have a loyal friend for 88 years."

Rita and Jean haven't been able to catch up in person since the pandemic.

They would both email and talk on the phone but Rita made it her mission to see Jean.

Lucy said: "My nan lives in Wanstead and Jean lives in Collier Row, it didn't take too long but my grandma doesn't have a car anymore so it restricts them.

"They both stay at home a lot and don't leave the house often."

Lucy and her nan Rita.Lucy and her nan Rita. (Image: SWNS)

On June 18, 2024, Lucy took Rita to surprise Jean who said she had "no idea" and the two nonagenarians sat down to enjoy a cuppa and gossiped for three hours.

Lucy, a dancer, from, Ilford, East London, said: "She was always saying how she wanted to go and see Jean.

"I lived away and family got in the way, but, three weeks ago she was saying how she really wanted to see Jean.

"When we got there Jean had absolutely no idea.

"They sat down, chatted for around three hours and had a cup of tea - it was so sweet."

Lucy said the two friends cried when they said goodbye to each other and vowed to meet up again soon.