50 hour improvised comedy soap opera for Hoxton

FORGET the EastEnders omnibus, award-winning performers from around the world are holding a weekend-long live marathon of improvised comedy soap opera in Hoxton.

The “Improvathon”, due to take place at Hoxton Hall theatre, in Hoxton Street, will run non-stop from 7pm on Friday January 21 to 9pm on Sunday January 23, as bleary-eyed actors and musicians perform 25 two-hour improvised episodes.

As sleep-deprivation kicks in, the 25-strong group of core performers are expected to rely increasingly on adrenaline, losing the ability to censor themselves, resulting in what the production company expects to be a “life-changing” spectacle.

All-weekend 50-hour event passes have sold out for the event, which has run annually since 2008, but tickets for each two-hour episode are still available. Audience members can join the action at any time, whether after the pub, before breakfast, or over Sunday lunch, when there is a special family episode, suitable for children, between 1pm and 3pm.

Performers include award-winning comedians from BBC Radio, as well as international improv stars.