A-level results: High anticipation at Highbury Grove school

Students celebrate running along the running tarck with their A's
Pic: Dieter Perry

Students celebrate running along the running tarck with their A's Pic: Dieter Perry - Credit: Archant

One Highbury Grove student was so nervous about her A-level results she could barely slept last night and logged on at the crack of dawn to find out if she’d go into the university of her choice.

Luckily it was good news for 19-year-old Tskenya Fraser-Bobb and she and her mum ended up dancing round the room in delight after she was accepted into King’s College to study English language and literature.

Tskenya, who scooped an A* in English and A grades in sociology and religious education, said: “I’m very tired and very humbled, really calm actually. I want to go home and hug my mum and eat comfort food. Maybe have glass of bailey’s in bed.”

She is one of a trio of students from the school in Highbury Grove to be heading to King’s College.

Holly Brooks-Burgin, 19, who scored there As, is off there to study English with film studies in the hope of becoming a screen-writer.

She said: “The build up was worse that the actual exam, but I’m happy now. I might go home and have a little nap before I head off out celebrating – there’s a lot going on tonight.”

And 19-year-old Brook Tewelde, was “feeling good” after getting the A* in maths, As in physics and chemistry and a B in biology he needed to study physics at King’s.

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He said: “I gave it my best shot, that’s what I aimed to do and I’m very happy with it. I’m not sure what I’ll do for a career – something that involves research, teaching and helping.

“I’m going to go home and celebrate with my family and a few friends will be coming round later.”

Meanwhile Melis Duruturk, 18, from Finsbury Park, can now try for a better university than the one she originally applied for after getting got an A and two Bs.

She said: “I wasn’t expecting this at all. But I’ve worked so hard and spent hours in the library I kind of feel I deserve it.

“I haven’t told my family yet – I’m going to wait until I get home so I can see their faces when they hear the news.”

Adreinne Bottomley, deputy headteacher at the school, said: “I think they have done tremendously well and I’m extremely proud of our students. There aren’t words to say how proud we are really and we’re so pleased they have worked hard and achieved great results.”