A snow blow

PEOPLE walking on Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, probably are lucky Haringey Council cleared the footway snow on its geographical side of this boundary road – but it appears not to be obliged to do so (“Streets ahead in the snow! Gazette, December 9). The footway on the Islington Council side was not cleared.

It seems to be Islington Council’s duty to clear both sides (of course, that wouldn’t have been done this time!). My copy of the Boundary Road Maintenance Agreements states: “Stroud Green Road – The boundary follows the centre of the carriageway from the centre of the junction with Hanley Road to Seven Sisters Road. All maintained by the London Borough of Islington.” One would think that snow clearance would be “maintenance” as it is a danger.

Stroud Green Road as a “highway” encompasses the “carriageway” and the two “footways”. Possibly there is a narrow interpretation that Islington may have to maintain only the carriageway part of the highway.

It would be interesting to hear Islington Council’s view as there are more than this one boundary road – and there is likely to be more snow (and ice) this winter. – Leo Chapman, Dufferin Street, EC1.