Album review: Alice Gold - Seven Rainbows

New musical adventures with a keen ear for a hook and bags of talent in the trunk - Alice Gold’s debut deserves your attention.

Straight outta nowhere and vying for a spot on your playlist, Alice Gold possesses a beguiling amount of talent.

Seven Rainbows overflows with scuffed, soulful deliveries that are by turns gutsy and vulnerable, allied to thickly textured melodies with simple hooks and devil in the detail.

Her rock-based, soul-drenched is neither as dramatic as Florence And The Machine nor as louche as Goldfrapp’s electro-pop – but is just as good as either.

Current single Cry Cry Cry’s hip-swaying, summery groove and rhythm belies the weeping, and is followed by the plump, sultry How Long Can These Streets Be Empty? which builds to a lung-busting climax.

Recorded on virtually no money in just over three weeks, this fresh debut’s infinitely better than it has any right to be.

4 stars